Online Advertising - 6 Ways to Promote your Business

Certainly, creating an e-shop or a website is the beginning of your online business, but you need to make it known in some way.

Online Advertising - 6 Ways to Promote your Business
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Terpsi Avramidou
Published on
May 9, 2022
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Online Advertising

6 Ways to Promote your Business

This is where internet advertising comes in handy!

The power of web advertising today is the greatest of the "classic" advertising media (TV commercials, brochures, magazine pages, etc.). This is because its ability to measure its results, outweighs any other advertising method. Unlike the classic ways of advertising mentioned above, with online advertising we have the ability to control the performance of our ads at any time, make changes, reduce or increase the budget as we want, target specific categories of people, etc. .

In other words, we can talk about proven “value for money” promotion as it will have the best result with the minimum cost.

Strengthen your brand and take off the results of your business using the following advertising channels!

1.  Advertising on Google Search Network

2. Advertising on Google Display Network

3. Advertising on Facebook

4. Advertising on Instagram

5. E-mail marketing

6. Banners on websites

Advertising on Google Search Network

It's probably the most important and effective way of advertising in order to promote your business. This is a text ad, which is displayed to users who are searching for something on Google in real time. They are created through the Google Ads platform from where you can control and seeall the ads statistics that run for your business. For many businesses, this type of advertising is also the main method of appearing on the first page of Google, which brings them a lot of traffic and therefore revenue.

Advertising on Google Display Network

These ads are also generated by the Google Ads platform, but use image and video to promote a business. You will probably have noticed on various websites where you enter, left and right, ads from companies with different banners or short videos of a few seconds. So these are the results of advertising on the Display Network. This Google network includes hundreds of sites and applications, while you can also advertise on YouTube, which is used by millions of people every day!

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook has millions of users and it would be a mistake to skip it when creating your digital strategy. Ads have one or more images or videos. To create them we use Facebook Business Manager from where we can set up an entire advertising campaign.

Extremely important is the ability to attract users who have specific interests. The cost is low for the possibilities it offers and is defined according to your possibilities and needs.

Advertising on Instagram

Extremely advanced social networking platform, owned by Facebook. Millions of users worldwide share photos and videos. Promoting your products or services on Instagram through photos or videos, advertises your company to a huge audience, part of which are your potential customers. Depending on what you offer, Instagram can be the ideal promotion tool for your brand. Caution! It is important to have careful content that will catch the users 'attention, for its elegance as well as the value it will give to the user.

E-mail marketing

One of the oldest forms of advertising that to date, has been particularly successful. Especially for e-shops its results are remarkable as it informs customers about the store's offers. What’s "difficult" here, is to get the e-mail addresses of your existing and potential customers.

The first step you need to do is create a Newsletter subscription form on your website. Registered users will make the list for your first newsletter!

Banners on websites

Banners are images and graphics of certain dimensions, fixed or moving, that are placed on high-traffic websites and aim to catch the eye of the user in order to advertise your company. Banners should be appropriately designed depending on the audience you are addressing and placed on correspondingly large sites visited by the specific audience.

Understandably, with so many different ways of advertising now, it is difficult to decide which medium to use to promote your business. For the best results, you should choose the right advertising channel according to your expectations. Of course, even if you choose which medium to advertise, the possibilities it offers are so many, that you can easily end-up confused.

Do not worry though! Our experience and expertise makes it easy for us to take all the difficult decisions with you! You can always turn to us to guide you based on your business’ needs!


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