360° Panoramas & Virtual Tours

360° panoramic images have become yet another common photo format over the last few years.

360° Panoramas & Virtual Tours
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Lisa Aktseli
Published on
May 16, 2022
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360° Panoramas & Virtual Tours

360° panoramic images have become yet another common photo format over the last few years. It is much appreciated for its documentary precision and immersion effect. Visitors find themselves in the center of panorama, able to look around a place as if they would do it in real life, if they were there.

Due to big names like Google & Facebook investing hugely into 360° panoramic photography technologies, it is growing fast in popularity. Compared to still photography & video, 360° offers your visitor immersive interactivity with freedom to see areas that they want to see to a certain extent and not what the photographer chose to show. 360° panoramic photography provides a first person point of view of the space, a feeling of almost being there. 

For a more comprehensive context, panoramas are often merged into interactive virtual tours – when two or more images are arranged into walking sequence, guiding visitor from one scene to another through hotspots. Illustrative photographs and photo galleries, live sound, narration or background music, short video reels or 3D models, maps and plans, titles and descriptions – can all be added to panoramas within a virtual tour. Ultimately your virtual tour can make for a truly unique visiting experience, something your customers would want to share far and wide!

Interactive 360° tours

An interactive 360°virtual tour gives your clients the opportunity to discover and interact with interactive elements in the virtual tour. This includes “hotspots” that are placed in the tour, for example, to create a direct link to products listed in your online shop. These can be edited with texts, pictures, videos, audio files, slideshows and much more.

360° tours for hotels

Let guests make their bookings directly in the virtual tour. Whether for a cruise ship, a hotel or a vacation apartment, you will convince your future guests by offering them a virtual tour.

360° tours for museums

360o VR tours allow museum visitors to take self-guided, room-by-room tours of select exhibits and areas within the museum from their desktop or mobile device. Visitors can also access select collections and research areas, as well as past exhibits that are no longer on display.

360° showrooms for car dealers

The future of automobile dealerships is virtual. Use a virtual tour to present your dealership and the current models as if the customer were already live on site.

360° tours for industries

Showcase your workshop or production processes. While on the virtual tour, the interested visitor becomes the director himself, can freely navigate the tour and obtain information. A tool that works!

360° tours for Architects

An interactive tool that generates a navigable environment in which the user can explore how the project will be. A unique virtual experience that achieves to place your client in their future home or office and allows them to go around freely in real time.

360° tours on Google Maps

Studies by Google prove that a virtual tour attracts up to 25 % more visitors to shops and increases click-through rates by up to 50 %.

360° little planets

Another component of professional 360° panoramic photography is the little planet, also called tiny world. This is an image processing technique in panoramic photography that creates a distortion from a single photo, area or spherical panorama.

This results in a stereographic projection of the image plane onto a spherical surface which makes the subject look like a small globe, as if the angle of vision is somewhere in space and you are looking at a small planet. Shrunk to a small round area, the ground is framed by the sky.

Use little planet images of your company building or premises to breathe new life into your marketing mix, gain attention and stand out from the competition.

360° product photography

Professionally created 360° product images convey detailed information about your product range to your target group. Just as with you on site, the customer can look at the product from all sides down to the smallest detail and convince himself of its quality. This way you can positively influence the buying behavior of your target group and boost your sales.

At ideart.design we offer comprehensive services related to 360º photography and 360º (VR) tour. Give your website’s visitor the opportunity to see your space, service or product in high quality by choosing our 360º service.

We can also additionally upload the virtual tour to Google Street View (enhancing your "Google My Business" listing) and you can use panoramas from the virtual tour in your Facebook posts using Facebook360.

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